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    From Bill Gordon@1:123/22 to All on Thu Jul 22 02:57:16 2004
    Addendum to AMU.DOC v3.20

    1. To be placed in section 2.5 - Configuration (Bulletin Manager), on page 39, following "Template"

    HTML Template This is the full path/filename for the HTML template file
    for this bulletin.

    The simplest way to design the HTML templates is to copy the .tpl files, and rename them .tem (for template). Use the text-only macros (remove all the formatting and color macros) of the pre-designed ansi templates.

    Use a web-page design program to design the actual templates.

    Capture the entire template from <HEADER_BEGIN> to <FOOTER_END> from the .tem file after all the color and spacing macros are deleted. Then paste all this in the <body></body> area of the web page design program.

    Go to the design area to build your tables, colors, etc. Just remember to go BACK to the code page to ensure that the <HEADER_BEGIN><HEADER_END>, <TEXT_BEGIN><TEXT_END>, and the <FOOTER_BEGIN><FOOTER_END> markers are all in place.

    Then, just copy the entire area from the code page, from <HEADER_BEGIN> all the
    way to <FOOTER_END> back into your .tem template, being sure to save your work before you try to create the actual .htm bulletin.

    Don't forget the <*_BEGIN><*_END> markers. For some reason, the bulletins do not work properly unless they are there.

    In AMUCFG, under HTML Template, enter the name of your newly designed template,
    and enable the HTML bulletin under the ASCII, ANSI, and HTML bulletins. Execute
    AMUW <bulletin name> to create your new HTML bulletin.

    2. To be placed in section 2.5 - Configuration (Bulletin Manager), following "Avatar Version"

    HTML Version If enabled, an HTML version (.HTM) version of this
    bulletin will be created.

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