• QWK Reader/editor wanted please

    From NICK JAY@1:275/311 to ALL on Sun Mar 30 10:53:42 2003

    Can anyone recommend a GOOD QWK reader/editor for a WindowsXP user please? i know these are getting more and more 'extinct' these days but I'm writing in some of the fido7.ru groups and sometimes get a netmail to email message in
    my email which unless they have a 'legitimate' email address, I find hard to reply to them in the normal way using my Email program (Agent). I use
    FidoTel BBS and they recommend a couple of QWK programs but they no longer
    seem to be available for download for some reason. I used to be a registered user of BlueWave too so thought I'd try that, but of course as the BBS
    doesn't operate a BlueWave mail doorway, I am unable to access my BBSes QWK packets.

    So what I would dearly like is a GOOD QWK reader with editor (so I can write replies) for my Win XP system - either the location of said file that I can download myself or, alternatively, could someone kindly send it to me on
    email attachment? I don't have a problem with those as long as the total
    size of any particular email isn't greater than 1.5 meg.

    I've spent AGES searching and tried a few but no good. :(

    Thank you in anticipation
    Please email me at nick_jay_1@yahoo.co.uk although I
    can also be reached at nick.jay@fidotel.com.

    Yahoo Messenger ID: nick_jay_1
    MSN Messenger ID: NMJay@hotmail.com (NOT for Email!)
    ICQ: 102158847
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  • From Ed Williams@1:128/148 to Nick Jay on Thu May 1 18:03:26 2003
    Hello Nick,

    Working on one right now oddly enough. Just finished work on the
    Customizable BBS Terminal Program for Fidonet sysops. Step two was the OLR. Right now, beta testing is still a good two weeks away as most of the work has gone into the creation of the core QWK VCL object.

    When the Object is done, it'll be released at peoplecomm.org, and any delphi programmer will be able to have his/her own OLR created within minutes, and it'll include all the source code and it will be Open Sourced.

    Hopefully, that'll get a few more programmers back in here. It'll only do
    QWK, but it does pretty much everything for the programmer. As for the
    editor and other stuff, It will be in the beta test of the Object, but not in the downloadable QWK Object.

    Both should be released at about the same time (as when I've finished work on the object and tested it fully, the reader will be fully functional too). It will be made available, just not sure exactly where yet, but at the very least it'll be released in some fidonet file echo.

    In the mean time, I'd recommend Durangomail. I don't use it, but I've heard good things about it. It's free and works under windows. If you're
    interested in the development of this OLR (which will be freeware), write me
    at info@goblinsreach.org


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