• New Worm attacks...

    From Gary Gilmore@1:2410/400 to All on Wed Sep 19 14:06:22 2001
    If you're running Microsoft's Windows 2000 -or- Microsoft Internet Information Server as a web server, please be SURE to go to this site:


    Even if you HAVE patched your system against the Code Red or Code Red II Worms,

    I'm seeing numerous hits on my webserver from fools who are NOT keeping up with
    the latest security patches, and are now infected with the latest worm.

    Those that do not patch their operating systems to safeguard against (or remove) such Worm infections are screwing us all with degraded internet performance because of increasing numbers of infected servers (and Win2000 installations where servers are running unbeknownst to the system operators) probing every IP address they can find, looking for yet another server to infect.

    Please... if you're running Internet Information Server, or are running Windows
    2000, get the latest security updates and INSTALL THEM NOW. Monitor the Microsoft security pages, pay attention.

    If you know people running IIS or Win2K, please tell them to do so. Keeping your system secure benefits ALL internet users.


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