• [Using environment variables in FEsetup]

    From Paul Quinn@3:640/384 to mark lewis on Tue Nov 7 14:41:02 2000
    Hi! mark,

    On 04 Nov 00 11:29, mark lewis wrote to Paul Quinn:

    Maybe the 'fix' will be to use the FE 1.45 FeSetup.<shrug>
    Let's see what else turns up in the echo. I'm hanging out for
    a comment from Mark Lewis (1:3634/12); I know he uses FE and
    environment variables pretty heavily.
    (sadly) i have to report that i had to 'hardcode' everything in FE...
    i will, however, confirm that this bug was reported on Dec 30, 1997
    in the beta echo... no word from tobias, though...

    Thanks for your note, Mark.

    I first saw the prob around April '97, as there was another prob with the 1.45->1.46 upgrade that I netmailled Tobias about, at that time. No answer to that one.

    Have you tried going back to a 1.45 FeSetup?


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