• Using DOS envir vars in FE setup

    From Paul Quinn@3:640/384 to All on Thu Apr 19 05:20:50 2001
    Hi! All,

    For your info...

    A while back I mentioned here that the '[]' chars wouldn't work in FeSetup 1.46, which was a real downer for me as I use DOS envars extensively on a small
    network config.

    Recently I got a copy of FE 1.45 from Tye Hammerle of Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA (1:154/21). (FREQ name: fe145a.zip at 622411 bytes.) Thanks Tye!

    Running that FeSetup fixed the problem straight off, excepting only for the primary netmail path which just wouldn't 'take' no matter what variations I tried<shrug>. So, now, 99% of all the pathnames & filenames in my config use the appropriate DOS environment variable, in common with most (99.5%) of the other software I use, instead of a fixed path string.



    --- BT-W32 2.60XEg6/BinkD-W32 0.9.4
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