• Who is running FD as Telnet

    From Joaquim Homrighausen@2:20/4609 to Robert Wolfe on Mon Sep 18 07:26:12 2017

    The reason why NetFoss will not work is because it is a FOSSIL for
    telnet connections. FrontDoor is expecting a FOSSIL for serial ports.

    Last time I checked, NetFoss IS a FOSSIL driver for a serial port
    -- in this case, a virtual serial port created by NetSerial. A
    FOSSIL driver is a FOSSIL driver, IMO.

    Yes. As far as FD is concerned, a FOSSIL driver is a FOSSIL driver. It doesn't matter what the "endpoint" is, as long as the FOSSIL driver behaves according to specs.


    * Origin: reboot.defsol.com (2:20/4609)