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    From Robert Wolfe@1:116/17 to Ib Joe on Sun Sep 17 15:12:02 2017
    IB JOE wrote to Robert Wolfe <=-

    with JoHo back in the saddle I'd like to see where he goes with a
    windows or linux version. As much as I think/thought OS2 was/is
    cool.... Windows or Linux is where it's at.

    I would disagree what with the way Microsoft is going with things,
    Linux, doubtful. At least as a desktop OS. But, both topics are for
    another echo, not this one, so I will end it right there.

    I have a big wish for the future of FrontDoor... I'd like it to be able
    to spawn a telnet session off a modem line. There are a few
    applications out there... dialup2telnet.... and Synchronet, or Digital Man, has made one as well. There was never an OS2 version of those programs, know nothing about programming so I have no clue how to port said code...

    Why do this when JoHo would be reinventing the wheel? Especially with
    SEXPOTS out there that does this very thing -- both for Windows and
    Linux. And if I can get it to be compiled for OS/2, that, too ;)

    Anyway, FD is going to be bigger and better...

    You never know...

    Just saying...

    You are starting to sound like my husband now :P

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