• Limitations of shell-to-mailer mode

    From Dran Draggore to All on Fri Apr 8 02:18:16 2016
    Are there any limitations to the shell-to-mailer mode ?

    I am using RemoteAccess with FrontDoor:

    R:\RA\RA.EXE -MR:\FD\FD.EXE*M -E10 -N%1 -c%1 ============================================

    But it looks like RA will always exit with Errorlevel 10 (ie. "-E10").

    FrontDoor has the following errorlevels:

    24.1 Errorlevels

    1 Internal error
    2 External error - missing files, paths, etc.
    3 Insufficient available disk space (less than 32 KB)
    4 (reserved)
    5 Unable to initialize modem
    6 Incorrect FOSSIL version
    7 FOSSIL not loaded or detected
    8 FrontDoor already loaded, issue EXIT to return
    9 (reserved)
    10 User break
    11-30 (reserved)
    31-255 User definable errorlevels

    How do I get RA to detect those ? -- or is the only way is to use "EXEBBS.bat" (ie. not use shell-to-mailer mode) ?