• FrontDoor v2.33.ml.b2

    From T.J. Mcmillen@1:129/305 to All on Sat Feb 11 00:51:34 2006
    Anyone have 2.33 running besides me? I telneted to some random BBS from the dmine.com telnet list and he/she was running FD v2.33.ml.b2 ... I have contacted DEFSOL, but after getting 15 emails bounced back saying the email address doesn't EXIST anymore, I finally sent one to defsol@defsol.se ... and it SEEMS to have taken. ;)

    Anyone else, have this beta or know what was fixed/added? Kinda like to see something I shelled out $200 some odd dollars for 10 years ago has some sort of update. <G>

    --- Renegade v10-24.5/Alpha
    * Origin: The Titantic BBS Telnet - ttb.slyip.com (1:129/305)