• The Rules

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to ALL on Sun May 15 12:50:53 2022
    Hello Everybody,

    Rules of the DEBATE echo

    Any student of DEBATE should already know the
    Rules by heart. There are two Rules of DEBATE.
    They are:

    1. There are no Rules.

    2. See Rule number 1.

    If anyone ever tells you that there is a certain
    formula for DEBATE or a definite method of engaging
    in DEBATE, then that person does not know about
    DEBATE. In that case, just assume that he/she/it
    does not know what he/she/it is talking about.

    Lee Lofaso
    DEBATE echo

    Whose streets? / Our streets!

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  • From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to Nick Andre on Mon May 23 01:31:13 2022
    Hello Nick,

    Rules of the DEBATE echo

    And the troll says what?

    Welcome to the DEBATE echo.

    Where all trolls are welcome.

    Original Song Title: Philadelphia Freedom
    Original Song Performer: Elton John

    Parody Song Title: Fido's Delving for Fleadom
    Parody Song Written by: John A. Barry

    He used to chase a rolling bone;
    With it in his jaws, he'd bite,
    Yet kept from going too far by a rope.
    Then ruefully he barked, eating at his rump--
    This was worse than mange,
    When hair hangs on a sore-encrusted clump.

    As he licks and teethes, nipped Fido's delving for fleadom.
    Into his hide the pests bore, making him scratch.
    Fido delves for fleadom, got his feet high, with a patch,
    Yeah--got a piece of hind in his paw. . .looks like thatch.

    Po' Fido's delving for fleadom, whines and screams; he's luncheon;
    Mites they bite through his thighs; on his buns they all dine.
    Mites, they bite, mites, they bite.
    Bite a mite! Make those mites take flight.
    Fido's delving for fleadom. Bites crunch 'em, yes they do!

    He will lose, because they've made of him a home;
    He's now parasite city,
    Housing a fam'ly of nasty gastronomes.
    Fido's livin' fleasy; the whole family dines
    Till they've sipped their fill; this fleadom sapped him. . .
    Whines and plaintive cries.

    Po' Fido's dinner for fleadom. Biting fleas, they munch him;
    Fido's light-headed; can't fight; they swill blood like wine.
    Mites, they bite, mites, they bite.
    Fido's dry as from vampire bite.
    Fido's dessert for fleadom.
    He's done for--sad but true.


    We're Great In Bed

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