• Official Release - Wildcat! Interactive Net Server v7.0, build 454.6

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    *For Immediate Release:*

    Homestead, FL, December 13, 2018 - Santronics Software, Inc., makers
    of advanced electronic mail, anti-spam technology, secured,
    PCI-compliant, remote hosting internet client/server applications, and
    the leading provider of high-scale modem dialup online systems,
    announces the immediate availability of *Wildcat! Interactive Net
    Server, v7.0 (Build 454.6)*.

    Wildcat! v7.0 (Build 454.6) is a long awaited major plug and play
    update. It is 100% compatible with previous versions and includes
    additional security-related items. A detailed summary of this update
    is available at:


    The major highlights include:

    * /Modern SSL/PCI Internet Hosting operations with enhanced ECDHE
    Ciphers support providing Grade A+ PCI compliance (by Qualys SSL
    * /New Wildcat! Geo location IP Filtering for blocking IP, Hacks and
    attacks from known locations, countries and cities around the world./
    * /Enhanced Anti-Spam/Virus protection with Wildcat! Sender
    Authentication Protocol./
    * /Enhanced security for Wildcat! WEB folders using .wctaccess files./
    * /Enhanced support for Wildcat! DKIM and DMARC mail operations.
    * /Enhanced security for Wildcat! SMTP/POP3 Mail Server operations./
    * /Enhanced security for Wildcat! Telnet Server operations./
    * /Enhanced security and reliability for Wildcat! FTP Server
    * /New "Directory Watch" feature for automated file areas database
    synchronization! This is part of a new Add-On and new Wildcat!
    File Exchange (FX) Edition designed for high scale Business and
    Enterprise operations. Contact Santronics for more details./

    Plus many other enhancements and improvements. Please view the AUP
    update information for a complete breakdown.

    Wildcat! Interactive Net Server v7.0 is available in Community,
    Business and Enterprise Editions, starting at $249.00 for the standard Community Edition. Media upgrades and electronic auto updates (AUP)
    are available from previous versions with guaranteed plug and play compatibility and support and can be purchased online or by calling
    our Sales Department.

    Santronics Software, Inc.
    Orders: 800-845-6944, TEL: 305-248-3204
    Sales: http://www.santronics.com
    Support: http://www.winserver.com

    If you do not wish to receive future "announcements" product updates
    email notifications from us, please send a message to
    sales@santronics.com with the word, remove, in the subject field.

    fn:Hector Santos

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