• Wildcat! OPENSSL Security HotFix: SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability

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    Subject: Wildcat! OPENSSL Security HotFix: SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability Newsgroups: win.server.program
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    Wildcat! OPENSSL Security HotFix: SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability

    The AUP has been updated with the latest OPENSSL security hotfix

    Wildcat! v6.4

    For customers running Wildcat! v6.4 AUP, run your AUTOUPDATE to get
    the new OPENSSL.ZIP. You MUST manually unzip this to get the 3 new files inside the zip.

    Wildcat! v7.0 (CATAPULT)

    For customers using Catapult, Wildcat! 7.0 AUP (CUP), run your
    AUTOUPDATE using the /catapult switch from a DOS command line:

    Autoupdate /catapult

    This will automatically give you the new 3 files. There is no
    OPENSSL.ZIP to unzip. If you see one, it's the old one for the old
    v6.4 you had when you updated to v7.0 which, now, no longer provides
    the zip.

    Note, you can't MIX the two different versions of v6.4 and v7.0
    files. The libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll, openssl.exe files for
    CATAPULT are recompiled using Microsoft VC10. The ones for the
    older v6.4 are compiled with Microsoft VC6 to maintain maximum
    compatibility. DO NOT MIX THEM, if you do, the v6.4 folks will
    need to install more Microsoft Run Time Library stuff.

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