• OT: Box Video goes off

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    Off topic, but if I can get some experience input, it can save me a
    lot of time.

    Overalll, I think something is up with Adobe Flash so I am wondering
    if anyone has experience any issue with it.

    Now I was using Chrome for myself and it has a built-in flash plugin.
    You don't need to install the official flash player. It was working
    fine since I built this new box this year.

    In the last few days, I installed:

    SecondLife Viewer (WHY!!!????? don't ask)

    To see youtube via FireFox browser, I had to install adobe flash. It
    was working.

    But I remember disabling all its local storage (flash cookies) too and
    maybe turn off something else, like kill all the auto updates crap
    these programs now do like its NO PROBLEM with you.

    Now I started to see the video go black and never returning. I
    thought it was hybernating but no. You had to reboot. This happen
    about three times in the last 72 hours.

    But this morning, it started again:

    I restarted and started chrome - after a few second, same thing, reboot.

    I restarted and started firefox - after a few second, same thing, reboot.

    So whats common? Flash player right?

    I restarted and uninstalled SecondLife Viewer and Adobe Flash.

    Now I started Chrome and went to youtube to play a video. It looks ok
    now. No problem.

    I started Thunderbird to write this message.

    It has to be the full Adobe Flash player installation, right?

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