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    Hello Hector

    You asked a while back that if I found any information on MS and doors
    here is one reply, I'm waiting on a reply from Steve Winns & Rob
    Swindell also.

    Here is one:

    Synchronet was coded with some special drivers
    to support DOSEMU, and uses a "socket handle" passed on the door's
    command line to support DOSBOX (not sure of the exact nature of the
    "socket handle", if it's a Fossil thing or OS thing).

    So the question would be, does WINServer include support for socket

    If so, something to get you started would be at

    If not, you may have to rely on a totally inelegant solution such as
    setting up an external door server, or go for the simplest solution of
    running your BBS in a VM such as VirtualBox.

    Hopefully somebody will have a better and more specific answer for
    you. In any case, hope this helps.

    I will pass on what ever info I receive being I would like to be able to
    still have doors on newer 32 bit OS after WinXP & Win2003 are no
    longer supported by Microsoft and that date is coming up very fast.


    Greg Youngblood

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