• wcHTTP/PHP/CGI/ etc used to work before clean reinstall

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    Subject: wcHTTP/PHP/CGI/ etc used to work before clean reinstall
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    I think I screwed the pooch somewhere along the line. I did a clean
    install before I updated to Catapult (bad idea?? maybe) and now I am having
    a heck of a time getting my php, cgi, perl scripts to run. I do not know
    where I may have screwed up, but I know I did it.

    Looking at the mime types, I do not see any thing listed in there for
    either CGI or PHP, however under script mapping, I see the
    "php530\php-cgi.exe" for php and pwe ...

    I had a fully functional storefront (until I switched ISP's 2 years ago)
    and now it is back to as if I'm not even there ... nothing is working
    anymore. Well, the basics are. HTM is working, new users can not log on, current users can not log on, etc. That I can deal with later, I just want
    to get my php working again first. I keep getting error 403 and/or page
    not found ARGH!

    Fred Burgess
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