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    Subject: New SMTPFILTER-SPFEVAL script.
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    The attached script is designed to pass SPF whitelisted domains with Received-SPF: PASS results. The comments in the script should
    explain how to use it and how it

    Let me know if you plan to use this.

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    // file : smtpfilter-spfeval.wcc
    // date : 11/29/2012 12:25 pm
    // about : check/accept whitelisted SPF domains with PASS results.
    // author : HLS/SSI
    // usage :
    // Add script name, smtpfilter-spfeval, to the [hooks] section in
    // order you wish, how, the intent of this script it to short-circuit
    // or pre-empt the need to run the more "expensive" smtpfilter-checkwords
    // script. So this spfeval script should run before checkwords is run.
    // Add domains you trust in the file data\SpfEval-Sender-whitelist.txt.
    // Create the file if missing. These are sender domains (SMTP MAIL FROM:
    // command sender return address).


    const FILTER_VERSION = "1.0"

    #include <smtpfilterhlp.wch>

    const SpfEvalSenderWhiteList = "wc:\data\SpfEval-Sender-whitelist.txt"
    const SPFHDR = "Received-SPF:"

    // AddressFound() is a common function found in many
    // smtpfilter apps for checking an email address in a
    // flat text listing file (fn).
    // Return TRUE if match found //----------------------------------------------------------

    Function AddressFound(byval email as string, \
    byval fn as string) as boolean
    AddressFound = FALSE
    dim fv as integer = open fn for input
    if fv > 0 then
    email = sfStripBrackets(email)
    do while not eof(fv)
    dim spec as string
    input #fv, spec
    spec = lcase(trim(spec))
    if (spec <> "") and spec(1) <> ";" then
    if WildcardMatch(email,spec) then
    AddressFound = TRUE
    exit do
    end if
    end if
    close #fv
    end if
    end Function



    dim args as string = lcase(paramstr(1))
    dim fname as string = GetParamStr(args,"psf") // prespool file
    dim helo as string = GetParamStr(args,"cdn") // EHLO/HELO
    dim from as string = GetParamStr(args,"from") // MAIL FROM
    dim rcpt as string = GetParamStr(args,"rcpt") // RCPT TO

    if (args = "") then
    print "Program: "; Paramstr(0)
    print "Version: "; FILTER_VERSION
    end if

    // Check the data\spfeval-Sender-whitelist.txt file for the sender
    // addresses we are checking for Received-SPF: PASS results.
    // Only do this for the domains that you know for sure have
    // a -ALL policy thus assuring a trusted 100% FAIL or PASS test.
    // WCSAP will reject the -ALL policy FAILs and the current
    // message will never reached SMTPFITLER scripts. However,
    // for a PASS, it should be sysop-controlled who will be passed.

    if not AddressFound(from, SpfEvalSenderWhiteList) then
    end if

    // Whitelisted address found, get the Received-SPF
    // header, if any, and look for PASS results.

    dim spf as string = ""
    if lcase(left(spf,4)) = "pass" then
    sflog(lchInfo,"Accepting SPF Pass Message: "+from)
    end if

    // This is interesting. If we had whitelisted the domain
    // in spfeval-whitelist.txt then we expected a Receiver-SPF
    // perhaps. If the above check did not yield a PASS, then
    // what do we do here?

    // Ending with no GlobalResult, continues with next
    // SMTPFILTER script, if any.

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