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    What is project Catapult? What enhancements can be expected?


    On 5/28/2012 10:14 PM, ANDREA SANTOS wrote to all:

    Wildcat! 7, Project "Catapult!" Beta Test Information

    Project Catapult is the long awaited evolution of the Wildcat! product to Version 7 status. We're excited and we want to share our excitement
    with the industry, and our customers, who can get on board now and be a
    part of this next Generation of development. Come join us!

    Catapult is open to all AUP subscribers. If you are not a current subscriber, sign up today and full testing access will be provided in the next few days. If you are not an AUP subscriber, come join us, support us and sign up for either of the two AUP subscription plans.

    Must be enthusiastic, and able to commit some quality time to testing. In return, you agree not to redistribute the files received. Included in Catapult will be Wildcat! 7 and wcBasic, which will also come with the official release version.

    Upon release of Wildcat! 7, Catapult participants will receive 75% off the official Community, Business and Enterprise versions.

    Upgrade paths as follows:

    - Version 7 tester 75% official release discount

    - Version 6.x licensee 50% official release discount

    - Version 5.x licensee 25% official release discount
    (Santronics version)

    - Version 5.x licensee no discount applies
    (Mustang version)

    By joining us, you'll be one of the select few testing the next generation of internet/web based server software. It's exciting, we're fired up and
    we want to share the enthusiasm with our loyal supporters. Get it first, we've made the process fast, and get excited all over again with the most stable product on the market you already know and love!

    Drop a note to sales@santronics.com and include your name, registration number and AUP signup date if newly enrolled. Santronics has prepared a special Project Catapult! support email mailing list called list-wildcat-beta. All Project Catapult! participants should post comments to this list. To subscribe, click this url:


    and subscribe to list-wildcat-beta.

    Let's get this started...what a leap it will be!

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