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    Hello Everybody,

    Liberals have waited a long time for this. A very
    long time. Antonin Scalia, the longest-serving justice
    on the US Supreme Court, is dead at age 79. And now,
    for the first time in decades, a Democrat has the power
    to change to course of human history by nominating a
    new justice to the US Supreme Court who will return
    real justice to all Americans - in the same way that
    FDR did.

    Republican presidents have never been interested in
    justice. Not for most Americans, anyway. The Republican
    version of justice was to put folks onto the USSC who would
    uphold the status quo. And that status quo for Republicans
    was the filthy rich. The richest one-tenth of one percent
    of all Americans.

    While I am saddened at the news about the death of Antonin
    Scalia, I am also gladdened at the prospects of the shift in
    power that will be made upon confirmation of President Obama's
    choice for a new US Supreme Court justice to sit on the bench.

    Rev. Al Sharpton would be the perfect choice, in my opinion.
    But I doubt he would accept such a nomination, as he has other
    interests that keep him quite busy. And Jesse Jackson is too
    old for that sort of thing. So he's out. I wonder who that
    leaves? Hmmm. Michele is a lawyer. And soon to be former
    first lady ...

    Antonin Scalia, RIP


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