• BLM and Jihad!

    From Tim Richardson@1:275/93 to All on Mon Dec 21 18:26:45 2015

    Yeah...so there's a little twist to this strange story the Media
    failed to spread all over the news.

    In a story titled "White Girl Burn A Lot"...it is related that a
    white girl named Jessica Chambers was tortured and murdered by
    pouring gasoline or lighter fluid both `on' her and down her throat
    and nostrils, and setting her afire!

    Turns out the owner of the establishment where she was last seen is
    both a recent immigrant from al Qaeda-infested Yemen, and a Muslim
    not to mention gang member, drug dealer, and who knows what else.

    In the murder, 17 people have so far been arrested (all of them blacks),
    and nothing seemed to have moved on the case till the FBI got involved.

    You know...I see the evening news all the time, catch news on the Web,
    and till just recently I never heard of this. Isn't it interesting that
    the main stream media didn't think this was important enough to publish
    with the same noise they made over a street thug who threw his life
    away for some cheap cigars?
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