• The `BLM' Hoax

    From Tim Richardson@1:275/93 to All on Mon Dec 21 17:25:24 2015

    Here's something interesting;

    They start a `Black Lives matter' movement over a couple of
    shootings, one in which they attempt to `immortalize' a street
    thug who attempted to wrest a cop's gun away and got himself
    shot in the process, all over a handful of cheap cigars.

    And from that criminal's death, and his failed canonization into
    `black history', they invent the `hands-up' silliness, which was
    eventually exposed as the biggest bunch of hokum of the year!

    Of course....you've no doubt read and seen on TV news media the
    situation where a young white woman stopped in a station to get
    gas, disappeared from there and was found badly burned and dying
    right? I mean it was all over the news for days and days...right?

    You didn't? Go figure!

    Well...stay tuned. I'll have the details real soon.
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