• Mass Shootings in America

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    Hello Everybody,

    Americans love their guns!

    The US averages 80 deaths per day by guns.
    That is 10.6 deaths per 100,000 people.

    Today a mass shooting took the lives of 14 people,
    injuring another 17, in San Bernardino, California.

    The shooting occured at a social services center
    for the disabled, as people were enjoying a banquet.

    One of the shooters has been identified as a Muslim
    male, his female accomplice not yet having been named,
    but presumably Muslim as well.

    Anyway, the San Bernardino shooting is America's
    352nd mass shooting in the 336 days of 2015. That
    is an average of just more than one mass shooting
    per day.

    To qualify as a mass shooting, at least four people
    have to be killed or injured. That's a lot of people
    when you add it all up. And the year is not yet over.

    Imagine that. At least one mass shooting on 208
    of those 336 days. And with 365 days in the year,
    there could be a lot more. Especially since this
    is only the 2nd of December ...

    On 81 days of those 336 days there were at least
    two separate mass shootings. And we still have
    almost an entire month to go before the end of the

    If you and others want to keep track of all this,
    please feel free to do so at this url -


    32 mass shootings in November. December is off to a
    great start. Will we set a new record? Americans love
    their guns ...


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