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    Hello Everybody,

    Allen Toussaint, legendary pianist from New Orleans,
    has passed away, after having performed a concert in
    Madrid, Spain.

    I met Allen years ago, at his studio in Gentilly,
    before Katrina wiped it out. Katrina wiped out the
    entire neighborhood, not just his studio. Anyway,
    he continued to perform, not just in the New Orleans
    area, but around the world, being the musician he
    was and always had been.

    One of his most famous songs was "Java" - which he
    also performed with trumpeter Al Hirt - is a favorite
    that is known virtually everywhere. If there is a
    song to remember him by, "Java" is it.

    Allen Toussaint, RIP.


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    Re: Java Jive
    By: Lee Lofaso to All on Tue Nov 10 2015 11:00 pm

    Allen Toussaint, RIP.

    Agreed. This showed up in my DEBATE echo, are we supposed to refute his relevance?
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