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    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to All on Thu Oct 22 19:32:42 2015
    Hello Everybody,

    Words of wisdom from a very wise sysop -

    A database with more than 5 % mistakes is a very bad one.
    I am sure it is very much more ;-(.
    2 % mistakes is normal, 5 % is the max, and more is very bad practise.
    It is better to not have an (International, ahum) EchoList at all,
    then to have a very bad filled one.
    Insert your energy in doing things good, in stead of writing nonsens.


    -=end quote=-

    Henri Derksen. The wisest sysop in all of Fidonet.
    Speaking truth to power, as all sysops with a conscience
    should be doing.

    Lee Lofaso
    Debate Echo

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