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    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to Earl Croasmum on Wed Oct 21 23:37:27 2015
    Hello Earl,

    In a strange message, you wrote to Tim Richardson. My own
    comments are placed within [] so as not to confuse others who
    may be following this thread.

    Subject: Re: Fidonews Letter Via E-mail
    Date: Wed Oct 21 2015 02:27 pm
    From: Earl Croasmun To: Tim Richardson

    Cassell and Kracht have me locked out of the FIDONEWS echo as far as
    postng is concerned.

    Ross has the power to do that. He is the moderator. Janis isn't.

    Maybe...maybe not.

    There is no maybe.

    [Björn Felten is the official editor/moderator of the Fidonews echo]

    Point is...I haven't done anything to warrant being
    prevented from posting there. The only reason that suggests itself is Cassell's own spitefulness.

    Moderators can do that. Klahn did the same to me, when I violated no
    rule. That's life.

    [A bartender does not need a rule/reason to refuse service.
    But if he/she cites a rule, it must be a good rule. However,
    neither Ross Cassell nor Bob Klahn are moderators of either
    the Fidonews or the Debate echo.]

    I quoted the actual wording to you, so that you would not continue to
    misstate it.

    And I `quoted' *her* words to you, so that you would have a clearer idea of what's going on.

    You said she was violating the policy. Now that you know what the
    policy says, you know that she wasn't. Yet the thread drags on.

    [Fidonet has no official policy. It may be that Tim violated
    Janis' policy, whatever that is, or means. But that is not up
    to me to decide, as I am not Janis.]

    In context, "calls for" seems to be synonymous with

    In the `context' of her own words...she said what she said!

    To repeat, 'In context, "calls for" seems to be synonymous with

    [Tim was very specific, noting Janis' use of the word "must" -
    not "calls for" or "encouraged" or any other word/phrase.]

    But it is
    very different from "required" or "mandated" or whatever you seem to have
    thought it said. It also says "sysops and users are encouraged to
    to FidoNews."

    Your long drawn-out explanation is aimed at the wrong person, Earl.

    Not long at all. I quoted the policy. You quoted her words. Neither
    one says it is required. You said she was "bound" and that she
    "violated" the policy. You were wrong. And yet you keep repeating
    what has already been exposed as wrong.

    [What part of "must" do you not understand? The word "must"
    means "required". Do keep up.]

    What does `Policy 4' say?

    Gee, that's pretty easy. http://www.fidonet.org/policy4.txt

    [P4 is irrelevant. The Fidonews originates in Zone 2, and
    abides by Echopol1. There is no official policy in Fidonet,
    and former moderator of the Debate echo Bob Klahn remains
    AWOL from everything as his beloved Toledo Blue Hens are
    unbeaten at 6-0, in contention for winning its first national
    collegiate football championship.]

    -=end quote=-

    Lee Lofaso, Moderator, Debate echo

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