• Holy Batman!

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to All on Sat Sep 26 00:13:52 2015
    Hello Everybody,

    Earl Croasmun is having a snitfit! A real snitfit!

    In this case, Klahn hasn't posted in Fido in quite some time,
    but that isn't really unusual about him. He usually gets his head
    handed to him by one or another of his Fidonet enemies, and lays
    low for a time till he either thinks everyone's forgotten how wrong
    he was on an issue, or he thinks up some new idiot-twist to it and
    comes charging back with more nonsense, only to get his head handed
    to him once more.

    The last reference I was able to find was a letter to the editor
    in the Toldedo Blade newspaper, dated May 29, 2015, written by
    Bob Klahn - dealing with the subject of the University of Toledo
    football team.


    Responding to the above message in the Debate echo, Earl decided
    to post his own little diatribe in the All-Politics echo (or whatever
    the name of that echo is, as it varies from bbs to bbs) -

    "Everyone should ignore everything Lofaso says, always. Klahn
    has posted comments on the internet as recently as this week."
    - Earl Croasmun, All-Politics echo, 9/25/2015

    Unsupported and unsubstantiated comments such as the above
    have no basis in reality. Bob Klahn has left the building.
    Just like Elvis.

    Had that not been the case, Earl would have been able to
    cite his source. But he had no source, as he simply made
    something up, as usual.

    If Bob Klahn wants to return to fidonet, he is welcome to
    do so. But I cannot force him to do that. And nobody else
    can do that, either.

    I am sure there are some who are glad that he has left.
    I am just as sure those very same people would be happy if
    he remains away from fidonet - forever.

    But I am not one of those people.

    As far as I am concerned, this is, and will always remain,
    Bob Klahn's echo.

    Now if somebody else wants to start up a new Debate echo,
    that would be most welcome. But it simply would never be
    the same as Bob Klahn's Debate echo.


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