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    Hello Everybody,

    There are 4 million Syrian refugees seeking shelter
    - wherever they can find it. Many are in Jordan.
    Others are in Jordan. And in Turkey. But most of
    them have no place at all, except alone in the desert
    among the elements.

    The United States of America, which prides itself as
    being a land of immigrants, has accepted 1,500 Syrian
    refugees for the present fiscal year. Our president,
    not being oblivious to the world around him, has taken
    notice of the vast influx of humanity seeking shelter
    in Europe, and as a result has decided to do his part
    by upping the number of refugees the USA will accept
    up to 10,000 for the next fiscal year.

    Whoop tee doo. A total of 10,000 refugees out of
    4 million. That would be 0.25% of the refugees seeking
    shelter. I wonder where the other 99.75% will find a
    place to sleep?

    The number of Syrians seeking refuge is only 60% of
    the number of refugees in the Middle East who are also
    in the same boat. Where are those refugees going to

    And then there are the refugees from Libya, most of
    whom drown at sea. If they had a desert, or railroad
    tracks they could walk across, Italy would be their
    new home.

    Well, that really was their own fault. They should
    have accepted Il Duce's offer long ago to become Italian
    citizens. But no. They had to have their independence.
    And Qaddafi.

    At least Germany showed some grace by welcoming the
    newcomers to their shores. Didn't want to set a bad
    example for the rest of Europe. Besides, der Fuhrer
    was now a woman ...

    The Donald has it all wrong. We should not only let
    the Syrians in, but we should let everybody in. Doing
    so will not make himself friends with David Duke and
    his ilk, but so what? Let the Dukester go play with
    his pals in Russia or wherever else white racists can
    be found.

    America is about freedom. And opportunity. And
    everything else that is good in this world.

    I mean, you don't find refugees trying to sneak into
    Iran. Or North Korea. Or any other mean-spirited state.

    Now for a few words from our sponsor - Bob Klahn - who
    has been AWOL these past few months ...


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