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    And another business magazine reports more accomplishment by the
    Obama Administration.




    Key Study On Obamacare 2015 Premium Rates Is Out...


    One of the best sources of actual facts is the annual study
    done by the McKinsey Center for U.S. Health System Reform.

    Any self-respecting conservative knows all too well that
    McKinsey is immune from attack as an organization committed to
    presenting a left leaning political slant as it remains a
    bastion of business advice and a company that simply cannot be
    painted with blue brush.

    So, how do we explain the McKinsey findings, which reveal some
    awfully good news when it comes to premium rates, as Obamacare
    begins its second year sign up period beginning November 15?...

    Report linked in article http://tinyurl.com/nmtcdad


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