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    So, Ebola is not a threat, at least to the Republicans, now that
    the election is over.

    Of course, every single person who contracted Ebola in this
    country was trying to help others, so Republicans were never in
    any danger.


    Paul Krugman
    When Government Succeeds

    The great American Ebola freakout of 2014 seems to be over. The
    disease is still ravaging Africa, and as with any epidemic,
    there's always a risk of a renewed outbreak. But there haven't
    been any new U.S. cases for a while, and popular anxiety is
    fading fast.

    Before we move on, however, let's try to learn something from
    the panic.

    When the freakout was at its peak, Ebola wasn't just a disease,
    it was a political metaphor. It was, specifically, held up by
    America's right wing as a symbol of government failure. The
    usual suspects claimed that the Obama administration was falling
    down on the job, but more than that, they insisted that
    conventional policy was incapable of dealing with the situation.
    Leading Republicans suggested ignoring everything we know about
    disease control and resorting to mocking claims that health
    officials knew what they were doing....

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