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    Item in the news. Seems the govt didn't screw up much at all in
    their support of alternative energy.

    NOTE: Bloomberg is a business magazine.




    The U.S. government expects to earn $5 billion to $6 billion
    from the renewable-energy loan program that funded flops
    including Solyndra LLC, supporting President Barack Obama's
    decision to back low-carbon technologies.


    A $5 billion return to taxpayers exceeds the returns from many
    venture capital and private equity investments in clean energy,
    said Michael Morosi, an analyst at Jetstream Capital LLC, which
    invests in renewable energy.

    "People make a big deal about Solyndra and everything, but
    there's a lot of VC capital that got torched right alongside
    the DOE capital," Morosi said. "A positive return over 20 years
    in cleantech? That's not a bad outcome." ...

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