• Social Security for Rich Folks

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to Bob Klahn on Mon Nov 10 14:45:03 2014
    The newest Republican about to be elected to the
    U.S. Senate is making a call to cut social security
    and giving those benefits to rich folks. And you
    know what that means. Po' folks who are retired
    will have to come out of retirement and work 'til
    they drop. And po' folks who are not yet retired
    will have to work 'til they drop. Of course, you
    think I am making this all up. But I kid you not.
    I heard it from the man himself -


    That's him. The guy with the glasses. Giving
    the speech with his own mouth. Live, on camera,
    but saved on video.

    My name is not Mary Landrieu, and I have approved
    this message.


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