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    From Roy Witt@1:387/22 to mark lewis on Fri Sep 5 12:30:14 2014

    Greetings mark!

    On Thu, 04 Sep 2014, Roy Witt wrote to mark lewis:

    not mine nor that of the LS_ARRL echo...

    Then keep the subject there and not here.

    /i/ didn't bring it up...

    Neither did I...

    my first post was the *3rd* in the thread and that only due to your question which appeared to be denigrating the LS_ARRL posting of the ARNewsletter

    It must be a horrible position to be in, that is, the lack of English
    reading comprehension.

    If I appeared to be denigrating the LS-ARRL echo, there is more to be said
    than a slight denigration of the echo. More specifically the echo

    If you find anything in #2, more specifically; "blatant profanity, flames, insults or slander" in that post, feel free to complain to the moderator
    as stated in #9, paragraph 4...Otherwise you're in violation of #3.

    contrary to the posted HAM Rule #2 - Decorum... if you hadn't said
    what you said the way you said it, this wouldn't have even seen the
    4th post...

    I find it astonishingly stupid for a non-licensed person to be operating
    an echo pertaining to Amateur Radio. To top it off, I find it blatantly
    stupid to post the ARNewsletter in a supposedly ARRL dedicated echo, when
    the two entities aren't even in the same bed with each other. Being a AR licensed ham, you would know that. But, alas you're not.

    PS, it is startling to see a capitol letter in your text above.

    Have a day!

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