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    Hello Everybody,

    The Dog Days of Summer. You know what that means.
    Time to get outdoors and put some burgers on the pit.
    But first one needs a recipe one can never forget.

    I have made hamburgers for my friends and I recently
    was treated to a real surprise. A while back I had
    commented about a woman who tried to make love to a
    corpse but could never get him to do anything. Well,
    she had a sister who was a petroleum engineer. And
    I had made burgers for the both of them from time
    to time, as they were my friends.

    Anyway, the woman who tried to make love to a corpse
    passed away, and her sister retired from working in
    the oil field, moving to Pensacola, Florida, where
    she is sole proprieter of McGuire's Irish Pub.

    Not bad for a woman of mixed race whose mother was
    a French prostitute. But it is not her race or her
    heritage that she is famous for. It is her burgers.
    Or rather, how she prepares her burgers.

    First you take a hunk of ground beef. The burgers
    she serves at her restaurant are 3/4-pounders, but
    feel free to use more (or less) as your girth calls
    for. When it comes to burgers, it has to be Black
    Angus, at least as far as she is concerned. It's
    kind of a black thing, no slight intended. And
    then she tops it with a very large scoop of vanilla
    ice cream. It's kind of a white thing, no slight
    intended. She is of mixed race, you know. From
    there, she drizzles lots of hot fudge sauce on top.
    And that is what makes it so yummy. Or maybe it
    is the combination of all ingredients being together
    at the same time.

    The burger does come served with french fries. I
    mean, she was born in France, her mother having been
    a French prostitute. Her father was an American GI,
    which is why she is an American citizen as well as
    a citizen of France.

    Dipping Wendy's french fries in a milkshake is a cult
    classic, and as American as apple pie. So why not
    combine an entire burger and fries meal with a sundae?

    That is a whole new concept, introduced to her so
    many years ago, and by her only recently to the rest
    of the world.


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