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    Okay, so this one is going to be a stretch for a lot of people, I realize. No doubt I'll get some 'omg yr so insane' replies. It's alright; I'm used to them.
    Has anybody here ever read A. J. Tchijevsky's journal articles on the "Index of Mass Human Excitability"? There is a history of people seeking to map human movement and advancements in the arts, science, mathematics, and, of course, tolerance to oppression, to the ~11 year cycle of the sun. It seems to be a good subset of human advancements, and regressions, to map changes in human behavior and society.
    Basically, he divided up the agitation of mass human movements into five phases:
    1. provoking influence of leaders upon masses
    2. the "exciting" effect of emphasized ideas upon the masses
    3. the velocity of incitability due to the presence of a major psychic
    4. the extensive areas covered by mass movements
    5. integration and individualization of the masses

    He attempted to map these kinds of events, historically, covering each year from 500bc to 1922ad. I'll not go into the specifics, but you can find one summary of his work at http://journal.borderlands.com/2000/sunspots-and-human-b ehavior/.

    I've always been attracted to scientific (and, obviously, waxing pseudo-scientified, at times) works like this, that may have a 'higher' explanation for the behavior of life, humanity, and bifurcation points that lead to evolution of the mind, spirit, and biology. As long as I can remember knowing about electromagnetism, and the resonance of the Schumann cavity (as well as its effects on human behavior), I've thought of the implications of the coupling of the geo-dynamo at the core, to the cavity, to the actions of the life forms within it, to the ionosphere, to the sun, and beyond.
    When I found this I was unable to stop thinking about it. I still can't. When I consider the upheavals in my life, I cannot help but see if they map out on this scale with a distribution that occurs not just randomly, but parallel to these patterns.
    I see my most turbulent and emotional days, for better or for worse, seem to be the days when magnetic storms are in progress. I was just wondering if I might persuade some of you to be a bit mindful of these things, if you read this echo, or follow www.am-dx.com, and the solar reports. I'd like to know if anybody else notices a correlation.
    I'm done now. You can begin calling me insane.

    Roy, if this is too tangental to the subject matter of this echo, please let me know and I will repost it in a more appropriate area immediately. I didn't want to upset anyone with multiple crosspostings at this point; I've gotten my butthole shredded from that before.


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