• Hitch Hiking Crips

    From BOB KLAHN@1:123/140 to ALL on Thu Jul 17 02:16:00 2014

    Thinking some more about the current Middle East crises.

    Got to wondering, why would three Orthodox Jewish boys be hitch
    hiking in territory that belongs to and is occupied by people
    the Israeli govt tells us are devoted to wiping out all Jews?

    Got to remembering the Bloods and Crips, two gangs I haven't
    heard much about recently. Got to wondering, would three Crips
    go off in their gang colors hitch hiking in Bloods territory?

    Would three Bloods wearing gang colors hitch hike in Crips

    Then why would three Orthodox Jewish boys, dressed as orthodox
    Jews, be hitch hiking in Palestinian territory? Unless it really
    is not very dangerous, why would they? Remember, they didn't
    live there, they were going to a class there. Are there no
    Orthodox Jewish schools where they live?

    It makes no sense.

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