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    Greetings Y'all!

    This Is the Most Conservative Restaurant in America, And You Would Love to
    Eat There.

    One restaurant in Colorado is anything but a "gun free zone." But from the looks of it, on top of serving delicious food, it's probably the safest restaurant in America, too.

    How many liberals do you think would be annoyed to see their waitress
    packing heat? (See Below) This is why I consider Shooters Grill (in the properly named city of "Rifle") to be my favorite new restaurant.

    From The Post Independent:

    When waitress Ashlee Saenz takes your order at Shooters Grill in Rifle,
    she not only carries a pad and pen - she also packs a loaded Ruger.357 Blackhawk handgun holstered on her leg, Old West style.

    It's loaded and she knows how to use it.

    Saenz and her co-workers, along with customers who come into Shooters, are encouraged by Shooters' owners to pack heat in the restaurant, as allowed
    by Colorado law.

    The restaurant also hosts concealed carry training - the $75 price tag
    includes dinner - that qualifies customers for Colorado and Utah permits.

    In a nation torn in recent years by emotional Second Amendment debates,
    fueled in part by mass shootings, there's no such controversy in this town
    of 9,200 that's centered in ranch and natural gas country.

    A sign on the front door of Shooters Grill reads, "Guns are welcome on premises. Please keep all weapons holstered, unless the need arises. In
    such cases, judicious marksmanship is appreciated."

    Shooters owner Lauren Boebert of Rifle said she is simply allowing
    customers and employees to exercise their constitutional right.

    "We encourage it, and the customers love that they can come here and
    express their rights," Boebert said. "This country was founded on our
    freedom. People can come in carrying their gun, and they can pray over
    their food."


    Boebertwas born in Florida, raised in Aurora and moved to Rifle in 2003,
    where she met her husband, Jayson. They decided to open a restaurant a
    little more than a year ago and tried to come up with a good name that
    would suit the town.

    "I consulted with my Christian friends and everyone said `Shooters'
    sounded like a bar or a strip joint," Lauren Boebert said with a laugh.
    "But I thought, this is Rifle - it was founded around guns and the Old
    West. We called it Shooters and started throwing guns and Jesus all over
    the place."

    The decor of Shooters - which offers American and Mexican fare and does
    not serve alcohol - is decidedly Old West, with guns and cowboy art on the walls, a rough-hewn woody look and three large silver crosses that reflect Boebert's strong religious faith.

    This restaurant has everything there is to love about America.

    Have a day!

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