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    I keep reading, over and over, that so many people are hurt and
    angry that, after all those years, Iraq is being cut up by a
    handful of extremist invaders.

    Families who lost a child there are saying they don't want their
    child to have died in vain. They don't want their family member
    to have suffered wounds and psychological harm in vain. All that
    suffering and death and cost should not be allowed to have been
    in vain.

    Has it ever occured to anyone that is the worst possible reason
    to send troops to Iraq? That is why we couldn't win in the first
    place, our troops were sent there to serve our benefit, or,
    rather that of the oil industry. They certainly were not sent to
    serve the betterment of the Iraqi people.

    So why would the Iraqi people want our men there if they were
    only there for America's benefit?

    And why would it be any different now?

    We have Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the Ukraine, all in trouble
    and congress demanding Obama do something about all of them, yet
    not willing to say what, or to authorize anything.

    Time for a US president to affirm America's commitment to
    freedom. By which I mean, the president should announce the
    basic standards of freedom are freedom of speech, freedom of the
    press, freedom of religion and from religion, freedom to
    peaceably assemble, and free and honest elections.

    Then he should announce, if American forces are requested
    anywhere in the world, the price will be, all those freedoms be

    He should announce he will not send one single American soldier
    to any place in the world, other than to rescue innocent people
    and get out, or capture our enemies and get out, unless it is
    under those conditions.

    Requesting American military assistance requires accepting those
    conditions, and any government that attempts to renege on the
    agreement will be overthrown.

    That would set a standard that will dampen the enthusiasm of
    petty dictators under attack to cry for American assistance when
    he is to blame for his own troubles.

    Anytime and everytime an American soldier dies to shore up a
    dictatorship, his death was in vain.

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