• Failing schools.

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    While gassing up I heard two women on the other side of the pump
    island, talking about schools. Both were black women somewhat
    younger than I am. One I knew, she is a former teacher. The
    other I learned was a former teacher who now evaluates failing
    schools for the state of Ohio.

    Former teacher said the problem she has found with the schools
    doing badly is, they have overwhelmingly white suburban teachers
    in majority black schools. The white suburban girls are afraid
    of blacks, esp young black men and treat them with hostility to
    keep them in their place.

    The evaluator said she had found that to be typical in failing
    schools throughout the state.

    Thomas Sowell often spoke of a school in Washington DC, before
    integration, that maintained results comparable to the good
    schools, with a black student body and all black teachers.

    Funny, Thomas Sowell probably didn't realize it, but he endorsed
    affirmative action for school teachers.

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