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    From BOB KLAHN@1:123/140 to ALL on Thu Apr 24 20:42:58 2014

    The Russians are worried about threats to Russians in the
    Ukraine. So, they are thinking about intervening. Kinda makes
    you wonder, if they are Russians, why don't they just leave the
    Ukraine and go back home if they are afraid?

    Or, could it be they are Ukrainians who want to go back to the
    Soviet system, by uniting with Russia? In which case they are
    not Russians and Putin doesn't even have that minimum of an

    OTOH, saw a picture online of three Ukrainian gunmen riding a
    military combat vehicle driven by a fourth man wearing a helmet.
    For gunmen they seemed to be awfully young, clean, uniformed,
    and perfectly willing to show their faces.

    Kinda makes you think maybe they are Russian soldiers paying the
    Ukraine a visit, and got in the line of a photographer's camera.

    A right wing commentator said Obama should do something to deter
    Putin. She said, we're not suggesting he send in the 101st
    Airborne... hmmm... Just what else is there? Saying we should do
    something means send in the 101st Airborne, or the Marines, of
    do nothing. Does anyone really believe anything short of
    military intervention will stop Putin?

    Does anyone want to risk a world war on that? Even a
    conventional war?

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