• Injecting government into healthcare.

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    The paranoid right is getting deep into it with the notion that
    the whole point of National Health Care is over control, not
    health care. It's stupid enough, (why would they care?), and
    misdirected. The real problem is on the state level, where the
    government likes to impose religious and moral rules to decide
    medical issues.

    To a real libertarian, it doesn't matter what level of
    government intrudes, the 10th amendment is really meaningless.
    To them any government involvement, at any level, is
    unacceptable. Yet the state of Ohio, under a republican governor
    and a republican legislature, has been putting rules about drug
    use in treatment ahead of medical considerations.

    Not too long ago a columnist wrote up a story about a surgeon
    who had his license suspended for six months, because his
    prescribing of controlled pain relivers didn't meet state
    standards. No where did it say he actually was prescribing
    improperly in medical terms, just by state regulations.

    Now I did have doubts about that, but I let it go, it would be a
    lot of work to dig further into it. In Sunday's Toledo Blade
    there is a guest editorial by a woman who is suffering from
    severe chronic pain. She has three doctors she is seeing about
    various aspects, and one surgeon who has operated on her basic
    condition. The surgeon will prescribe effective pain medication,
    but only for three months after surgery. After that the personal
    physician is supposed to take over. None of the three doctors
    she is seeing will prescribe opiods for pain relief, not at all.
    The won't because, in the word of one of them, the state is
    counting the pills he prescribes and he won't take the risk.

    IOW, the doctor is afraid of repercussions from alleviating
    suffering, in real cases of sever pain.

    So, the states are exercising their 10th amendment rights to
    restrict access to medical care in a manner Obama and the ACA
    never even thought of doing. Isn't that just loverly? Isn't that
    just Republican?

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