• One size fits all health care.

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    Do you believe the problem with national health care is that
    it's one size fits all?

    The health care exchanges, esp those set up by states, provide
    all the local adjustments you need. In the real world a pregnant
    woman, a patient with cancer, an athlete with a broken leg, or
    a worker with a work related injury, doesn't rationally expect
    to need different treatment for the same condition depending on
    where he lives.

    Since the states actually set the detailed rules on what's
    covered, with little from the feds even now, they can include
    special coverage for snake bites in areas with large swamps, and
    for getting hit in the head by an Asian Carp, along the

    However, the real threat is the republican insistance on being
    allowed to sell insurance across state lines. See, it's already
    legal to sell insurance across state lines, what is not legal is
    to sell policies that don't meet the standards of the state
    where it's being sold.

    What the republicans want is to be allowed to sell cut rate
    insurance, that covers very little, very poorly, and maybe isn't
    sufficiently underwritten to actually pay at all if there is a
    large number of claims. Like a flu pandemic, maybe?

    On top of that, the republicans are trying to override the
    state's right to regulate their own market. Damn, talking out of
    both sides of their mouths on steroids.

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