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    It's final, The Affordable Care Act is a roaring success.

    The proof? Eric Cantor the Republican house majority leader, has
    taken on the job of creating a replacement.

    So, this tells us one of two things. If the Republicans can't
    come up with something better, then the ACA is the best we can

    If they do, actually and honestly, come up with something
    better, then we who support National Health Care will be
    pleased. The right wing has been stupid enough to prattle and
    maybe even believe we are devoted to Obamacare. In fact, we want
    health care for all, and whose plan works best is the factor,
    not who comes up with it.

    Will he succeed? Probably not. His first problem is, the right
    has spent five years fighting against National Health Care. They
    didn't just oppose Obama's attempt, but National Health Care as
    a principle. So, now if they try to turn around and come up with
    their own plan they will have to fight their own constituency.

    Their second big problem? They are already coming up with a
    framework, and it includes a major tax increase. That's how they
    are claiming their plan will reduce the deficit. It won't be by
    reducing costs, but by raising taxes. Now where have I heard
    that solution before?

    So, after all these years refusing any tax increase they are now
    going to claim a tax increase as a good thing? Just how will
    they get away with that? Oh yeah, that increase will fall mostly
    on the working class. Taxing the rich is a republican mortal
    sin, but taxing the working class is a republican holy grail.

    Other than that they have nothing that gives any indication of
    doing a bit of good, but maybe, just maybe, a miracle will

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