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    From Earl Croasmun@1:261/38 to Bob Klahn on Sat Aug 20 15:27:48 2033
    I said revenue, not income.

    Then you do not understand the word.

    The fact that you argued income when I said revenue suggests it
    is you who do not understand the word.

    To repeat for the slower reader: "Debt, on the other hand, is not income or revenue or any other synonym you may want to twist around. You would know what
    the word means if you were to actually READ that same "glossary" that you referred to: "As used in the congressional budget process, a synonym for governmental receipts. Revenues result from amounts that result from the government╞s exercise of its sovereign power to tax or otherwise compel payment or from gifts to the government.""

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  • From Earl Croasmun@1:261/38 to Bob Klahn on Sun Nov 24 13:32:54 2013
    You are the one supporting the
    position that it is impossible to create prosperity by assuming

    You are a liar. I said no such thing, and in fact said
    that the exact opposite is possible if one goes into debt
    to make productive investments.

    Notice that I am not just tossing the word "liar" around
    casually, the way you do. I identified your lie, I quoted
    it, I explained why it is a lie, and I included my own
    quoted post that shows your lie to be a lie.

    No, you did not.

    I did. You edited it out in your "reply." Here it is again:

    You are talking complete nonsense. Why in the world do you
    think that it is not possible to make money? If they
    actually invest the billion dollars to improve their
    systems to the point that more people will buy or that
    their costs go down, rather than just trying to make it"

    In other words, you lied when you said that I denied the very possibility of making money by going into debt. And then you deleted my words and lied about me not having them in my post. You are funny when you arrogantly display your ignorance. When you display your dishonesty, that is not funny. It is tragic.

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