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    All they care about is expanding the federal government's control TR>TR>over the people they are supposedly working for.

    All they care about is power. They want people dependent upon TR>JB>government and to continually lie to those people that they are TR>JB>helping them, in order to buy votes.

    I am very disappointed that, after Sebelius came right out and said
    she didn't work for the people who want her to resign, at least one TR>member of Congress didn't come right back on camera and answer that, TR>yes....she DOES work for them and every other American who is
    affected by her bungling, her arrogance, and her out and out lies!

    The second part of her sentence was something about ...`people who
    don't want this to work.'

    She may have been asleep for the last five years, but what she is TR>ignoring is its not `people who don't want this to work.' Its more
    like `people who didn't want this at all'!

    Whenever the democrats control Congress and rush stuff through in the TR>middle of the night, when there are few if any news media there, and
    no cameras are rolling...its never anything that'll turn out good.

    Now...BO is trying to alter his words to mean something he didn't say
    or mean. He and his cadre are pretending that BO was saying all along TR>that a lot of people would lose their plan, you just had to `read
    between the lines' of what he said to get the true meaning of his
    words! Wasn't he clever?

    Within the next few months the left will spin the narrative that he
    never said it. Understand though that they wanted this to happen.
    Their goal is the elimination of private health care insurance. What
    bothers me is how the insurance companies have been fooled into buying
    into this whole ruse. Just like the banks did with student loans. If
    this whole march towards socialized medicine doesn't change its
    trajectory, there won't be a private health care insurance business in 5 years.


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