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    On 09-28-13, BOB KLAHN said to TIM RICHARDSON:

    Hey...you and your leftist friends defended Trayvon Martin,
    even though he was a druggie, a troublemaker and
    assaultive...why so quiet on Aaron Alexis? He's

    They all look alike to you, don't they.

    A simple glance through the most recent archives will
    reveal that, from the very start of the Martin\Zimmerman
    case, I was of the opinion that Martin was walking down the
    street minding his own business, and Zimmerman had no
    business getting out of his truck and following him.

    Yep. And I even pointed out how much you agreed with me.

    Oh, and there still is no evidence Martin ever tried to hurt
    Zimmerman before Zimmerman attacked Martin.

    Martin was walking home, not violating any law. Zimmerman
    followed him, chased him, and turned up on the sidewalk to the
    place he was living. There are no eye witnesses still alive
    other than Zimmerman.

    I was also of the opinion from the start of that incident
    that Zimmerman was, at the very least, guilty of second
    degree murder.

    Yep. Though the cops wrote it up as manslaughter, not murder.
    Two of them did, one cop on the scene and the investigating

    I further stated that Martin's behavior at school, or his
    marajuana use had nothing whatever to do with the fact that
    Zimmerman was deliberately following him and provoked the
    incident by doing so.


    That was and HAS been my position from the very beginning,
    and STILL is.

    A position I share.

    So...Klahn coming along at THIS late date and trying to
    make me out a `racist' on that issue isn't just
    laughable...its ludicrous! But then...Klahn is a pretty

    What is ludicrous is that Richardson doesn't even get the point.
    That is not the part where I accues Richardson of being a


    Alexis stepped out the door of his own property, witnessed three
    young men committing crimes, held his gun out where it could be
    seen, ordered them to stop, was attacked by one of them.

    Um....are we on the same planet as Klahn? I didn't know

    Ross C tried that same, "why aren't they screaming about someone
    else" line. I thought you were doing the same. That's the only
    point I got wrong.

    You were still way off. Alexis was a paranoid schizophrenic, a
    clearly identifiable mental defect. And that isn't my diagnosis,
    but Charles Krauthammer's, formerly a licensed and working
    psychiatrist. I don't know if he kept up his license.

    So, your equation is still false.


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