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    Hello Everybody,

    Due to the GOP shutdown of our government, this is what
    is happening -

    * The Food and Drug Administration is cutting back routine
    food inspections. What this means is that when Americans
    get sick due to having eaten contaminated food, they will
    blame it on Republicans rather than Obama.

    * The Environmental Protection Agency cannot monitor pollution
    on pesticides. Which is great news for Texas Governor Rick
    Perry, who forgot to mention during the presidential debates
    that the EPA is an agency nobody needs.

    * The Labor Department cannot enforce workplace safety
    regulations. And that means WalMart can hire children
    rather than grandmas and grandpas as greeters.

    * The Center for Disease Control cannot monitor the speed
    of the flu and other infectious diseases. So say hello to
    the walking dead, formerly part of the cast of a television
    series on AMC.

    Why are Republicans doing all this? Because Republicans want
    to take away access to affordable health care from every American.


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