• Telling Republicans Off

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    Hello Everybody,

    "They don't get to hold the entire economy hostage over
    ideological demands!" - President Barack Obama

    President Barack Obama was talking about the thirty odd
    Republican members of the House who have managed to shut
    down the government (with a little help from friends).

    The Republican leadership in the House cannot control their own.
    The Republican leadership in the Senate cannot control their own.

    What do these Republican outlaws expect to gain by their antics?
    The Affordable Care Act was passed by both houses of Congress, signed
    into law by the President, and upheld by the US Supreme Court. The
    American people will not take kindly to acts of extortion. Which is
    exactly what this government shutdown business is. Republicans are
    telling the President, "Give us what we want, or else!"

    How far will Republicans go in this matter? Will Republicans go so
    far as to take this country down with them, leaving the American people
    as poor as people in Bangladesh? We have already seen what Republicans
    have done to this country's credit rating. And to think they are
    willing to drag it down even more. If this keeps up, we'll all be
    riding bicycles rather than driving cars.

    Then again, most Americans could use the exercise ...


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