• Bad data causing spurious warnings

    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to All on Tue Jan 31 15:34:30 2023
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    Hello All!

    As some of the .RPT reporting is showing wrong warnings regarding expiring echos despite the date being clearly well inside I have added some code which, I hope will clear down these warning and status flags.

    This will run on the 1st of Feb that should fix it for all records that have the problem.

    Just have to remember to check it after it runs.

    I am in the middle of also changing the way it reports on these as it is doing it for echo's not related to the report and in any event should not appear in the BACKBONE.RPT report - I think :)

    So another change as soon as I can finish the coding and test it.
    I am working a a few other applications at the same time so it might be a few weeks.


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