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    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to All on Sun Jan 8 18:56:49 2023
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    Hello All!

    I noticed that some msgs went out for these two echo's that also included OLD rules content from the PREVIOUS moderator.

    These old rule files have now been deleted.

    There is no coding to support the instance, when some one else takes over a defunct echo then, and for that matter, now as any echo that becomes defunct is
    transferred over to Elistmaint until such time that it is declared dead of traffic (postings of rules or 'is it live' etc, are not counted).

    When any such echo is transferred over to elistmaint and then recorded in the BACKBONE reports (RPT and NA) any existing rule file is deleted.

    There is a functional issue here, in that dead areas have to be checked with your uplink to confirm that you ARE connected and s/he in turn should check with their uplink.

    For information, 2:250/1 (me) acts as a master hub via the star system and I get echo's from 1:3436/12 Mark Lewis.

    I have around 40 downlinks around the world in zones 1 through 4 (more or
    less as have not looked recently).

    Could make use of the tool used in FIDOTEST to produce a by echo report for all
    to examine, although it is not bullet proof assuming the sources are available and in my case will work with JAM message bases as I have not statistic programs with my mbse based bbs.


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