• New archive files sent as required

    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to All on Wed Sep 14 01:07:08 2022
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    Hello All!

    As a follow on from my last message a day or two ago regarding the issue on having a up to date copy of the files BACKBONE.NA & .RPT and issuing them I have changed the Elist code effective v5.4.001 to support, that when a NEW echo is added or a significant change is made to a existing echo that changes the Title or a hard deletion a new archive is issued in the form of :

    ELSTyymmddhh.ZIP where dd = day 01 thru 31 and hh = 01 thru 23.

    The same applies to the included ERUL and EDES archives.

    Please change your scripts and or processes to support this change i.e., Expect
    archive file named ELST*.ZIP and within ERUL*.ZIP - content moved to your rules
    folder and EDES*.ZIP moved to your description folder.

    In both cases the content of existing rules and descriptions must be fully replaced (by deleting content first). The descriptions folder only needed if you BBS software now supports this folder / directory although none known at this time.

    The files BACKBONE.NA and BACKBONE.RPT (optional) should be placed in your system where the echo autocreate process can find it so that when new echo posts arrive for a new echo area they will be added your system with minimum effort (i.e., None).


    --- Mageia Linux v8 X64/Mbse v1.0.8/GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20180707
    * Origin: Air Applewood, The Linux Gateway to the UK & Eire (2:250/1)