• Interim ELSTccmmdd archives ?

    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to All on Mon Sep 12 14:10:42 2022
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    Hello All!

    I situation has raised it's head that when a NEW echo has been created within the Elist system which normally is a moderated echo but could be a BACKBONE only one that the BACKBONE.NA, BACKBONE.RPT along with updated rules and description archives are no longer up to date.

    If for a new echo traffic flows them any bbs system cannot be aware of it in order to autoadd the new echo and therefore toss such traffic to it so what happens is at least at 250/1 they are tossed into the BADECHO area.

    Not good.

    So I am suggesting that the software that handles the Elist system be changed to allow when any MOD-ADD submissions arrive and are processed successfully that a updated ELST file is issued and passed on to all and this file will have
    the archive name of ELSTYYMMDD.ZIP where :

    YY = last two digits of the year.
    MM = The month in range 01 - 12.
    DD = The day number range 01 - 31.

    It would be created on the day and at and around 23:33 to its uplink at 250/1 and in turn sent to all systems that have the file area ECHOLIST to process.

    Now at 250/1 I have an area at ~/var/arealists that with has a folder called Elists and that area is used to expand the content of the ELISTYYMM??
    archive when it arrives.

    This area then has BACKBONE.NA and as I run Linux that file is linked to the higher folder that also has BACKBONE.NA.
    I cannot remember if Windows has the same capability but if not the the file will have to be copied to it instead.

    Next issue is the rules and description archives that is sent within the ELIST archive and this also will require a script or batch job to run that extracts these archives as needed but always the rules archive to the area used for
    YOUR bbs system to pick up for bbs users etc.

    With me so far ?

    As BBS software is changed to support the folder holding the descriptions then that archive can also be treated in a similar way as the rules archive.

    Now once this process of un-archiving the rules and similar for the descriptions as and when supported on your system your system can process NEW echo's by creating a new echo area and then tossing new echo traffic for it.

    So to do all this I am suggesting to expand the use of the elist archive to a daily as needed ( it will NOT be produced if no new echo has been created during the 24 hour period.

    Now one possible extension of this is to do a new ELST archive as soon as a new
    echo has been processed and this could mean that you 'could' have more than one
    per day so I would have to create these archive using the file name extension from that mentioned earlier to have the time in hours only to the name so it would be :

    ELSTYYMMDDHH where HH is the hour range 00-23.

    Assuming you have a script, batch or command process for this it would need to be expanded to cope with a larger archive file name.

    Yes, I too will need to make changes to support all this on my system and more than likely need to create additional scripts to handle it on receipt of a
    ELST archive - AND test it :)

    I can supply my copy of such a script but it would need to be changed for any one who would like to make use of it.

    So - Any one with any comments on the above ?

    Please respond within the ELIST echo area.


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